We are a federation of female executives and entrepreneurs which has been coordinating under the acronym FEDEPE (Spanish Federation of Female Directors, Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs) since 1987 to promote female leadership.

We are a network of women which is taking positive steps to build greater sensitivity towards equal opportunities in senior management. Our team of award-winning women is better than any business card and has been for two decades.
We work in a professional, academic and institutional environment in defence of women’s value in leadership and decision-making roles.

We demand a proper, dignified business and professional environment for women: a labour and institutional environment where the distribution of powers is consistent with a society in which half the population is under-represented despite its demonstrable qualifications, expertise and willingness, in terms of social influence, to assume responsibilities and take decisions.

Our working tools are building social awareness, creating collaboration and cooperation networks of women, promoting lifelong learning and empowerment, and being active agents in driving the change towards a business model more in keeping with female leadership values, by participating in academic, institutional and business fora.

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