IDEM: Achieving greater Diversity, Inclusion and Equality in SMEs Management


Diversity is one of the most relevant concepts of our time, as it is the key to achieving more inclusive, productive and innovative work environments. However, studies show that in countries like Spain, although companies recognize diversity and inclusion as something positive, many have problems when applying measures to implement these principles in a real and effective way. We have recognized this problem and, together with the Lithuanian think tank Diversity Development Group, have launched our IDEM project to provide a solution.


What is the IDEM project?

The IDEM project is an innovative initiative led by FEDEPE and the Diversity Development Group, and funded by the European Union, whose objective is to promote diversity management among SMEs through the creation of a comprehensive and innovative methodology that allows companies to self-assess their level of inclusion and diversity, and which also includes workshops and individualized support for the implementation of diversity and inclusion practices.

To do this, the participating companies will first take a test to self-assess their current level of diversity and inclusion. This test has been created parting from an exhaustive study of indicators of diversity and equal opportunities in the current national context, and has been materialized in a questionnaire that companies can carry out independently. Based on this evaluation, and in order to understand and apply it in the most effective way, the participating companies will also receive individualized training that will consist of a tailor-made workshop.

In it, professionals who are experts in diversity and inclusion will explain the company’s situation in terms of diversity and inclusion based on the test results, and will give personalized keys to continue improving in this area, all completely free of charge.

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Do you want more information about the project in order to participate?

Download the project's dossier where the project is explained in more detail. It is available both in Spanish and English:

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